The Masked Saint follows the journey of former professional wrestler Chris Samuels, who retires from the ring to settle down as a small town pastor. When the pastor witnesses rampant problems in the community, he decides to moonlight as a masked vigilante fighting the injustice. While facing crises at home and at the church, the Pastor must evade the police and somehow reconcile his secret, violent identity with his calling as a pastor. Inspired by true events in the life of Pastor Chris Whaley, The Masked Saint movie is based on the highly popular book of the same name by Whaley. It was filmed entirely in Northern Ontario, and features icons of the screen like Diahann Carroll and ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper alongside stars Brett Granstaff and Lara Jean Chorostecki.



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available-at-amazonBy Christopher C. Davis – Published on

Notice I said “holiness” not “salvation” two different things. Chris Whaley’s book, The Masked Saint, is awesome. I could not put it down and finished it in one (albeit long) sitting. What do you want it was a holiday and the book is GREAT! There is something for everyone in it. Action and Compassion and The Message.

By Mike – Published on
Finally, the good guys win. He’s a cross between Billy Graham and Charles Bronson. You can’t preach to bad guys because they don’t go to church. No problem, the preacher goes to them. Say amen. He has a “come to Jesus” meeting with them to adjust their attitudes. I wished the Masked Saint lived around here.

By Frank L. Morse – Published on
This book is an amazing account of what many of us men aspire to be within the depths of our being. When someone picks on the little guy, we would love to ride to the rescue. This book allows us to be right there with The Saint and help dish it out for the side of good.

By Patricia L Fink – Published on
The Masked Saint is a great read! A really funny and heartwarming story. The Masked Saint does what many Christians, including myself, would like to do–pummels the bad guys. It also has a good message about trusting the Lord. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

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