Join Bibleman and his team as they fight evil with the power of God’s word!

Since 1995, Bibleman and his trusty sidekicks have been sharing the Truth with kids and using God’s Word to fight fear, despair, pride, and a myriad of other issues along the way.

Through the years, the Bibleman series has seen a variety of characters, actors, hairstyles, and different colors of spandex, but its mission has always remained the same: share God’s Word and teach children to rely on Him at all times.

Reimagined in a all new animated series Bibleman is based on Ephesians 6 Wearing the full armor of God, teaching kids how the word of God will help them defeat evil and the schemes of Satan.

Language – English
Genre – Children’s
Rating – Family
Running Time – 11 minutes
Total Episodes – 26 episodes
Age Category – 5-12

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