10,000 Jobs. Two Friends. Monkey and Giraffe. One Island...…

Adventures in Booga Booga Land tells the laughter-filled, exciting stories of two high-spirited buddies, Marty the Monkey and Gerard the Giraffe, in the colourful land of Booga. In search of exciting new adventures, Gerard the Giraffe leaves his hometown of Too-small-for-me, and heads for the bustling big city of Booga Booga Land.

He quickly befriends a high-strung and excited character, Marty the Monkey. The two zany animals instantly become best-friends and embark on endless fun-filled adventures. The entire family will enjoy the comedic duo as they bounce from one journey to the next, meeting exciting characters like President Bob, Stan, Rufus, Squid Sushi and many others. You will be captivated with humour and practical life lessons in each story.

The Adventures in Booga Booga Land is based on allegories written from the parables of Jesus. They will leave you inspired, challenged and entertained as our two heroes explore their lives in Booga Booga Land. The series has won numerous awards and has received 5 of 5 doves from the Dove Foundation.

Language – English
Genre – Children’s
Rating – Family
Running Time – 11 minutes
Total Episodes – 26 episodes
Age Category – 4-8

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